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    Fisting For Breakfast

    I went on a date with a 38 year old landscape architect 2 days ago. For those unaware of what a “landscape architect” is, it’s an architect that designs the gardens/outside of millionaires homes, instead of designing the actual house. 

    At first I was mainly only into meeting up with him for the free meal. I got him to take me to this really nice Japanese restaurant at the Pru that I always walked by and wanted to go into. Now I finally did. 

    I was really attracted to him though. Even though he’s 38, he didn’t seem that old. We got along really well, and his sarcasm wasn’t annoying. It was kinda amusing. We had a lot in common. Well we both have the same birthday, which is really bizarre since I rarely encounter anyone with the same birthday as me. We also both lost our virginities to guys named Patrick. 

    I made things clear from the beginning that I am only interested in dates and lovers, since I’m leaving Boston in a few weeks. He was completely fine with that. All old guys are pretty much perves anyway. But I was into him so we hooked up after dinner. 

    He wasn’t bothered coming back to my dorm. Apparently his ex of a year was a 23 year old RA at UMass. Clearly he likes his men young and ethnic. I was just happy he was the first old guy I went out with that didn’t seem to expect me to pay the dinner bill. He got money! Well he drives a Mini Cooper, which seemed odd since he’s 5’10 and over 300lbs, but Mini Coopers are surprisingly spacious and nice inside. 

    The hookup was nice. I really liked his body. Though he didn’t seem to get super hard, but he eventually jerked himself off to completion. He fingered me as I jerked off and I came. It feels so fucking good to get fingered deep. It was funny since he put in one finger, and that was not enough for me. So I made him do 2. With all the other guys that made me cum, 2 fingers usually does the trick. 

    He left my place at around 1:30, but he said he had to be up by 4 or something. I had fun teasing him after he already had gotten dress. I was still naked on my bed. Making out with him, pulling him down on top of me, and getting super hard. He did contemplate going for another round, but he had to leave for work. 

    I guess I’m not over old guys. I always think I am not into guys over 30, but then like 10 guys into the year I finally throw in an old guys, and have a good time. Once I’m done college I’ll have no interest in college boys anymore. Maybe age really won’t matter. I haven’t been successful in getting a boyfriend of any age so far, and it’s not like I’m looking to get married at the moment. With no job or future planned, my life is in flux. Can’t have a boyfriend when the rest of my life isn’t together, or can I. 

    I guess it doesn’t even matter. Attraction and connection are more important than age, race, even money. No money is always most important. If I’m broke I can’t date another broke ass. That goes against all my gold digger morals I instilled in myself when I was a child. Haven’t talked to him since our hookup. Maybe we’ll get together again, or maybe we won’t. Times running out so who knows. I kinda don’t even care. 

    I was left covered in neck hickeys from the Landscape Architect. But that didn’t stop me from hooking up with my Firecrotch lover. I’ve already hooked up with him 3 times this semester, and today marked the fourth. 

    He hit me up the first thing in the morning. Well as soon as I woke up. It was like 8:30 and he was at my place in like half an hour. I wasn’t really in the mood to service him. I did have such an amazing time with the Landscape Architect, so I wanted to get fingered until orgasm again. 

    I kinda lazily blew Firecrotch, then jerked him off until he came. I just wanted to get me cumming. Since I’ve discovered my g-spot all I want to do is get it poked over and over again. 

    I wasn’t feeling my spot getting prodded. I kept telling Firecrotch to stick in more fingers because it didn’t feel like he was using more than one. Eventually he pulled out, and he told me he had all 5 of his fingers up my ass. Without me realizing. My best friends from home have an inside joke where we call each other “bucket”. It’s in reference for my one friend getting in a fight with a guy she hooked up with. She said she couldn’t feel his dick inside her, so he called her hole a bucket. Guess I’m the bucket now! 

    Damn. Maybe it’s time to start using my large butt plug. I’d been scared of it, but if a guy can get five fingers in without me knowing then it’s time to upgrade.  Only a little over 2 weeks left in Boston! Better try to get as many orgasms as I can in before I go. I doubt I’ll be getting any decent dick when I move back to Pennsylvania. Flaccid! 

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    "Sometimes the only way to win is to show the other person you’re not afraid to lose."
    John Ross (Dallas)
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    "There’s this unbelievable bias and prejudice against quote-unquote good-looking people, that they can’t be in pain or they can’t have rough lives or be deep or interesting."
    Rob Lowe
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    Room Service

    I pulled the most amazing April Fools Joke on The Accountant. I got my friend to call him from a blocked number and pretend to be from campus health. I made her tell him “Someone who has recently tested positive for HIV listed you as one of their recent sexual contacts. It is highly recommended that you get tested right away.” Surprisingly he actually answered the call, even though he never answers when I call him. 

    He texted me 20 minutes after the call. He asked me if I’d been to the doctor’s recently, and then just started asking me how I was and about my life. I had to turn on the dramatics so then I started acting all sad, and how my life was over, and I never explicitly said I had HIV, but I was heavily hinting at it. He tried being comforting and supportive, trying to tell me he was here for me and blah blah blah. He claimed the girl he’s seeing and dumped me for was with him when he got the call, and he was trying to figure out how to explain things. 

    I eventually revealed the April Fools. It was fun and I loved it. He surprisingly wasn’t mad, and still talks to me. Though I still haven’t accepted him dumping me and still want to see him one last time before I go. 

    I tried luring him over last night, but it was a fail. Which completely pissed me off again, thus my anger issues emerged! Ugh he suggested we get food, drinks, see a movie all before I go, but when I want him to see me he refuses. He pisses me off so much. I long to get away from Boston to mainly get away from him, and all the memories of all the other disappointments. I need a fresh start and new boys! 

    Last night this guy that I thought was really cute was visiting from New Hampshire. I talked to him on Grindr a couple months ago, and he liked my androgyny. He invited me to join his friends and him at a straight club last night. I wasn’t in the mood for clubbing, or to go hang out with a guy and a bunch of straight boys at a straight club. He got bored and left the club, and I was drinking already, bored, and not ready for bed. So I quickly got dressed, and walked to his hotel. It’s only a 10-15 minute walk from where I live so it’s not like it was a hike. 

    He arrived back at the hotel like 10 minutes after I arrived. We went up to his room. He had to “charge his phone”. Well it was dead when I saw him. He originally suggested we just get a drink at the bar and chat, before his friends got back from the club. But if I’m going to a guy’s hotel, I want dick. 

    So we started lying on his bed, and gently touching. We started making out, which turned into rolling around on his bed. Which turned into undressing, more making out, and underwear coming off. He had a really nice cock. I’m always surprised whenever I see chubby guys with big dicks, but it was amazing. I’m surprisingly able to deep throw really well lately. Maybe it’s from being sick earlier and my throat is numb, yet I gag uncontrollably whenever I attempt to brush my tongue. Boys are definitely enjoying my eagerness to deep throat. I used to hate it, but as long as I don’t gag it’s kinda fun. 

    I kinda really wanted to fuck him. After delving into anal again last week, I want more and more! But he didn’t have a condom, and his friends were going to be back soon. Also we just met. After last week’s guy won’t even respond to my messages, I realize it’s not fun doing anal with guys who are just going to disappear, especially when I’m horny all the time. Though last week’s guy went flaccid and couldn’t get hard again, but this guy was hard the entire time I was there. He says he’s always hard, and he was even after I made him cum. 

    He did get word his friends were on there way back,  but I didn’t want to leave without either one of us ejaculating. So I began to blow him as he was standing, and voila! He came all over me. 

    He was a really nice guy and sweet. He kept saying he comes to town often and would love to see me again. He’s an aerial photographer, which sounds cool. But he operates a robotic camera, so he’s not in a plane photographing stuff. But still a cool career  I never met anyone else that does it. He’s 25, went to UCLA, and his mom’s apparently an editor for Vogue. He has a southernish accent. He says he grew up in Maryland and Texas. 

    He seems like a great prospect, but I’m leaving in less than a month so I don’t care to start a relationship. Though he seems like he’d be great boyfriend material. He’s even a Taurus, and I’m most attracted to Taurus. But since time is running out, I just want no strings attached adventures! This was a fun story. Trekking to a guy’s hotel room at 12:30am just to hookup because I was lonely. At least he didn’t have a micro dick and wasn’t gross. 

    It would be nice to see guys more than once, and not be ignored afterwards, but I don’t have control over that. I’m going to be gone in less than a month. I need to make sure I pass all my classes, graduate, and get a job and my career started. That’s what’s most important right now. But I do need these fun adventures to help relieve the stress of school, and my bleak unknown future. 

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    "Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in."
    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (via verbascumm)

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